The aim of the “3rd CSDP OLYMPIAD” common module is to acquaint our cadets with the basic knowledge on CSDP, providing them with the incentive to study and gain the knowledge necessary to write a paper on a CSDP – related issue, which in turn will be published and circulated within the relevant EU Institutions and stakeholders.

In addition, they will be provided with the opportunity to compete with their fellow cadets from other EU Member States in a CSDP Knowledge Competition.

The module enables cadets to discover and understand:

The history of the European security and defence co-operation and the development of ESDP/ CSDP, within the larger context of European integration.

The context in which the European Security Strategy was elaborated, the strategy’s basic content, messages, role and its wide implications for the EU. The role played in the CFSP/ CSDP field by the European Council, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and European Parliament and the inter-institutional mechanisms involved, with a brief insight on the financing of CSDP.

The impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the CSDP.

Moreover, it gives cadets the opportunity to express their personal views drafting a relevant paper and the opportunity to meet, cooperate and compete with cadets from other EU Member States.

And last but not least, it’s a fantastic chance for strengthening the friendly relations among the future armed forces leaders of the EU member-states.


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