In the context of the 3rd CSDP Olympiad, the Armed Forces Academy of General M. R. Štefánik will publish the 10 best papers of the participants within a special edition. In this framework, we would like to announce a competition among the participants, concerning the cover page of the special edition. The title of the edition will be

“The 3rd Common Security and Defence Policy Olympiad”.

The cover page designs will be posted on the website:, and upon a voting procedure, the three best proposals will be awarded during the residential phase of the 3rd CSDP Olympiad (4 to 7 of October 2016).

The best proposal will be used for the cover of the above mentioned publication. Moreover, the personal details of the author of the best cover page design (name and surname), with the proposal that wins the first place, will be included in the book to be published.

The registered cadets wishing to participate should CONFIRM THEIR INTEREST TO PARTICIPATE IN THE BONUS - COVER PAGE DESIGN COMPETITION by the March 18, 2016 to

Participants are asked to send their proposals to and until the 

11th April 2016

 as an attachment, in the following format: JPEG or PNG and high quality PDF (for printing).

Each design as such and its components, such as photos, should be free of any copyright. The Armed Forces Academy of General M. R. Štefánik reserves the right to print, publish and display the proposals in grey scale or colour.

The designs have to be in A4 paper size.

For any further information, interested parties may address their requirements to Ladislav Boka, e-mail:, Martina Hyklová, e-mail:
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